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If you have been injured by a doctor or professional, or by a slip & fall, auto accident or false arrest, it is essential that you reach out to a Cape May County Personal Injury attorney right away. Cristal Law Center has 20+ years of experience in trial litigation, handling even the most complex civil cases. Initial consultation is free with no obligation. The sooner you call the better: the time period immediately following an injury is crucial: get medical treatment, don't talk to insurance companies and call for advice. 

Contingency Agreements - No Fee Unless You Win

When Cristal Law Firm takes your personal injury case it believes in it and only takes a fee if you win. Cristal Law Center fights for the highest recovery possible. The attorney will advise and counsel you every step of the way, and in the end you decide whether to settle or go to trial. Mr. Cristal makes himself available for your questions and takes special pride and interest in every case.

All Injuries and Accident Types

Cristal Law Firm files lawsuits for wrongful death, emotional distress, head trauma, back and neck injury and more, be it negligence, malpractice, defective property, civil rights violations, keeping in continuous contact with you through the drafting of pleadings to the taking of discovery, settling or going to Jury Trial. All kinds of injured people are represented: inmates abused by prison guards, the disabled injured by lack of ADA access, the elderly who fall or get skin breakdown from nursing home neglect and ordinary folk hurt by someone else's misconduct.


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Medical & Nursing Home Malpractice 

Cristal Law Firm knows the law and knows the science, and has the experience in the courtroom; investigates the providers, intensely reviews the medical records and finds the mistakes and errors by doctors, nurses, technicians and staff that caused your injuries. The firm is very familiar and up-to-date with the unique legal and factual issues and opportunities that arise when suing a doctor, hospital or nursing home, knows your rights and protects them with strategy and force.

Focus On Civil Rights, False Arrest & Discrimination

People call a lawyer because they believe their rights have been violated. They may not have read all the statutes but they feel it in their bones that something was taken away from them. This is called Natural Law, the inherent rights of the human being. It can come from a loss of freedom, bodily injury, denial of access. The government has granted itself many protections from lawsuits. So you need an attorney who really knows the law in this area, and one willing to put in the time to get to the truth. 


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