One of our firm's specialties is the new and burgeoning field of Medical Justice. It is a legal practice area that addresses the imbalance of power between doctor and patient. Our Medical Justice Center forms a bridge between our Estate Planning and our Personal Injury work. A Medical Justice lawyer may be your only advocate when you are surrounded by assertive medical staff. 

Medical Justice covers not only lawsuits, but also demand letters to providers, real-time medico-legal consults, state agency complaints, assertion of patients’ rights, and more. Some doctors have a hair trigger when it comes to taking away a patient’s self-determination, especially with the elderly. Patients need someone with the force of the law on their side when a medical facility places undue pressure on them, holds them against their will, forces tests and medications without consent, or sends them off to hospital or hospice before their time. Regaining control is now a viable option.


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