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We all want to die with dignity but what if it’s not your time to go? State-issued advance directives and pre-printed living will forms give you one choice: life support or no life support. Or to put it another way, "kill me right now or never let me die." And of course most people choose immediate death. But this is a false choice. New Jersey law does not require an 'all or nothing' decision. The law only says you can determine your medical treatment in advance. What that treatment consists of is up to you.

The answer is not to buy an ordinary living will and pencil in a few revisions. Your life is stake. The living will is a contract. The slightest ambiguity or contradiction can defeat the whole purpose. What you need is the expertise of an attorney with estate law and contract experience. Cristal Law Firm LLC has specially crafted a living will that contains a Ninety (90) Day Recovery Period, a three month delay in the withdrawal of life support, which gives you an additional three months to recover.


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If you don't trust the doctor, then why are you letting the doctor decide you have no chance of recovery? If you do trust the doctor, then why aren't you following the doctor's advice to give you life support?

The Cristal Law Firm LLC's Living Will provides clear and unambiguous instructions to your doctors to keep you alive and comfortable for three months after the diagnosis triggering removal of life support (the time when most living wills order immediate death). Your doctor must follow your instructions by law. The Cristal Living Will directs your doctors to treat you like a recovering patient and keep you alive, healthy and comfortable for ninety days to let you heal. 

Why People Refuse Life Support?

People's decision to refuse life support is usually based on one of three categories.

 (1) The wish to be put out of your misery, what has come to be called the Terri Schiavo Effect, the fear of a bizarre medical injury that had nothing to do with the effects of life support. There is no such thing as ‘brain death.’ There is only death. If you are alive your brain is alive. Going into a coma does not turn you into a Terri Schiavo. A coma is basically forced sleep – you sleep while your body is recovering. You appear to onlookers as though you are asleep, which you are.          (2) The wish not to be a burden on your family. If your living will directs removal of life support the doctor still must get approval from your closest family member; that family member will then have to give (and sign) the order to kill you. That seems a far heavier burden than the burden of visiting the hospital once or twice a week to sit by your side and read to you.          (3) The belief that doctors want to give you life support just to make money. The truth is the opposite. Hospitals don’t need more patients they need lower costs of care. The person going to the ER for a stubbed toe represents a big profit for the hospital. The person on life support eats up hospital profits and keeps the staff away from more profitable (and easy to treat) patients.

Trust In The Power Of Your Body 

Your body is made to heal. Let it do what it was made to do.

By giving yourself an extra three months, you lose nothing, and you might gain your life. This recovery period gives you a chance to heal, to get better, to live out the remainder of your life. 

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